Who We Are


CRAY CLOTHING COMPANY, a children's clothing label, based out of New York City is dedicated to inspiring its clientele through a mix of comfort, creativity and fun!

The first collection 'Sunkissed x' consists of natural, handwoven fabric that is hand blocked and embroidered by talented artisans from India. Each of these pieces of artwork embody the nature of Indian culture. Sunkissed x SS21 is a dedication to all the mom entrepreneurs who have struggled to juggle between being mothers and business women during the pandemic.

About the Founder...

Akshata, a mama herself, comes from a family of creative professionals who have always been her inspiration. In the 1920's, her great grand father owned one of the first ever tailoring colleges in India. After his training in London, he mastered the art of making suits for men and honed many budding entrepreneurs from his college too. They lost the college in a family feud and no one ever looked back, except Akshata. She wanted to grow the gene that she was born with!

Akshata grew up in a very creative bloodline. Her early days of creativity were with her aunt who taught art in a local school. She used to imagine everything bright and colourful, just like the clothes she has created for Cray. Her passion for fashion came from her very stylish sister, who still is her inspiration for style. Mid way through her corporate career as a Business Development and Marketing executive in New York, she decided to introspect within herself. Her then roommate and good friend encouraged her to follow her passion and do what made her happy!

Akshata spent a lot of time in India researching traditional art and skilled artisans to create clothes. She worked as an assistant to very creative minds and acquired skill sets that were needed to run a business. Finally, she launched a children's label called Akshu and Ing with her former roommate. The brand ran its course for 4 years until they decided to launch on their own. 

Thus, Cray Clothing Company was born!