Wholesale 2022

 Please send a request to our Facebook wholesale group to join our family! 

Why you should stock Cray!

  • Made In India: Our products are made in India with a lot of love and care! India has consistently been one of the three largest producers of cotton and the second largest spinner in the world. 40% of fair trade certified producers or traders are in India. 
  • Convenient Production: For wholesale orders, we set our production line plans just a day or two before cutting is due to commence. We are very flexible and accommodate last minute changes without necessarily impacting delivery times.
  • Art: India is also very renowned for its traditional handcraft and artisan production from embroidery to block printing to handwoven fabrics. We like to believe that we work with the best!
  • Fits: Since the founder is a mama herself, she tries everything on her daughter and her friends to ensure that comfort is not compromised. 

Wholesale Terms and Conditions:

  • ORDERS: If you wish to make an order, we will send you our order form which you can fill and email back.
  • PAYMENTS: You can pay us through Zelle, Venmo or bank transfer (details will be mentioned in the invoice). We take 50% advance and balance on delivery i.e. Once we send across the shipment details, tracking number and pictures of the order.
  • TURN AROUND TIME: The delivery time can vary from immediate to few weeks depending on the order styles.
  • MINIMUM ORDER: Our minimum order is $300
  • SHIPPING: Shipping costs need to be borne by the store/stockist. The actual invoice by the courier provider will be sent one day prior to shipping. The amount will be added to the balance invoice due on delivery.

For further inquiries, please shoot an email to crayclothingcompany@gmail.com we will try our best to answer them swiftly!